Valle De Los Caídos

Valle De Los Caidos
Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 3 158
Hard 8 318
Special 14 478
Length 1:52
BPM 100




  • This song can also be found in Deemo and Zyon載音.
    • In fact, all songs in Emotional Selection Package can also be found in Deemo.
    • In Zyon載音, the song is named as "战殆者谷".
    • In Deemo, the song is named as "Valle De Los Cados".
  • The subtitle of the song is "戦没者谷". In Kanji, the name of the song is translated into "戦没者の谷".
  • Valle De Los Caídos (or Valle De Los Cados) is Spanish for Valley of the Fallen. It shares the same name as a Catholic Basilica.