Google Taiwan are celebrating 10th anniversary, from Sep 29 to Oct 14 2016, VOEZ prepared a few special surprises to share with Google Taiwan and all Voezers

Note that all times are listed at GMT+8.

Special Surprise No. 1:Edit

Brand New Songs Limited Time Free Play

Celebration Times: 9/29~10/14 (00:00~23:59 GMT +8) VOEZ has specially prepared a new song "Rainbow Adventure" for limited time free play during 9/29~10/14 (00:00~23:59 GMT +8).

Note: After the event, this song will become locked again and paid with a key to play.

Special Surpise No. 2:Edit

Custom Android Style Icons Giveaway

Celebration Times: 9/29~9/30, 10/3~10/7, 10/10~10/14 (00:00~23:59 GMT+8) Starting from 9/29, login anytime during the event and complete any song, after playing you'll receive an exclusive VOEZ icon (Limited to one only) with 12 in total (One for each day).

Note: If players start playing a song, yet complete it after the current day's 00:00 (GMT +8), they will receive the next day's icon.

For example: Lil' Ming starting playing a song on 9/29 23:58 (GMT +8) and completes it on 9/30 00:02; he will receive the custom icon from 9/30.

More information can be found on official website.

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