Xmas party on VOEZ!!! Lan Kong Town is in for some celebration, we're inviting VOEZers to join in the fun festivities!

To celebrate the 2016 winter holidays, Rayark hosted multiple events for VOEZ players.

Note: all times are given at GMT +8.

Events Edit

#1: Top 100 Best Players Edit

Event Times:

  • 1st Round: 12/23 20:00 - 12/25 19:59
  • 2nd Round: 12/30 20:00 - 1/01 19:59
  • 3rd Round: 1/06 20:00 - 1/08 19:59


  • Players must play the specified song on the Special difficulty.
  • Rewards will be based on the player's ranking on the leaderboard.


  • Top Reward: Top 100 from the song added will receive 1 key, 300 people in total.
  • Extra Reward: 10 random players from the leaderboard will receive 1 key, 30 people in total.

Reward Date: Will be delivered at most one week after the winner's announcement

#2: Ad Song Party Edit

Event Times: 12/20 20:00 - 1/06 19:59

Event Details: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, two songs will become ad songs. Just watch an ad to play the song for free!

Song List:

Date Songs
20 - 22 Dec Yggdrasil Sprout
22 - 24 Dec Twinkle wink BLANKET
24 - 27 Dec Infinite Puzzle Capella
27 - 29 Dec Ouroboros ~Infinite Circulation~ Lv.0
29 - 31 Dec Czarte Silent Voice
31 Dec - 3 Jan Highlander Crystal Cradle
3 - 5 Jan To next page SupaMax
5 - 10 Jan Hop Step Adventure☆ Scherzo

#3: Limited Unlock Bonus: Edit

Event Times: 12/21 - 1/01, 20:00 - 21:00

Event Details: During each event, 2 songs will the unlocked at once!

Song List:

Date Songs
21 Dec The Longest Night Sonic Stream
23 Dec Gigantic Saga Time Traveller
24 Dec Matsurizuki Re:sound, From the Full moon World.
25 Dec ELECTRiCiTY SnowFlake
28 Dec Sky-HIGH Seek
30 Dec MadteK Ultimate Weapon pt.2
31 Dec Tipsy Dessert Popotnik ~ The Traveller of Ljubljana
1 Jan PheneX White Dwarf Stars

#4: Christmas Train PARTY Edit

Event Times: 12/19 00:00 - 1/06 19:59

Event Details: During the event, these 16 songs were available as part of the free song rotation.

Song List:

Song Artist
Big world, small world. 52Hz, I love you
Carnation himmel
Eastern Horoscope Thinktec
Gamegame s-don
Go or Stay Zris
Infinite Wonderland Kiryu
Keep You Safe Iris feat. Eli
Kokoro Euchaeta
MUSIC BOX Prince of Wales
PrayStation Ras
Refel sakuzyo
Rotating Sky ChouYawa
Second Breath EnvyJäger
Time Phase Pt.1 Ayutsugu_Otowa
Tougenkyou MYTK
Warp Drive Titancube

More information can be found on the official website.

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