Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 8 370
Hard 14 859
Special 16 1099
Length 2:26
BPM 188


【VOEZ】 UNiCoЯE - Ryazan 【音源】02:35

【VOEZ】 UNiCoЯE - Ryazan 【音源】


  • The name of the song is related to "unicorn". Ryazan changed the word to "unicore" and became "UNiCoЯE".
  • At the end of the Special difficulty, the several groups of notes spell outd "EЯoCiNU", which is the song's name in reverse.
  • The Special difficulty holds the most note on all difficulties which is 1,099 notes.
    • However it has now the second most notes in a difficulty beaten by Gamegame?'s 1253 notes in easy respectively.

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