The Longest Night

The Longest Night
Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 4 370
Hard 15 1079
Special 13 848
Length 2:59
BPM 95


The Longest Night - Euchaeta03:02

The Longest Night - Euchaeta

Euchaeta - The Longest Night (Full Version)06:23

Euchaeta - The Longest Night (Full Version)


Too long, too long to fear the sun
Too long to live a perfect day
Alone to sing a song

And now, I wonder if I could
I wonder if I should believe
This night goes on and on

(The longest night)

Imagine you're fine
Imagine you're rambling
in a severe cold, a million years of snow
The heart is beating slow
The temperature goes low
The winter lies without the sound

In a day I lost in the falling stars
They dance in a holy darkness
If my larva era lasts forever
Mortal stories of thousand stargaze
Life is the noisy palace
But the quiet loneliness

Who will take the night to the icy ocean?
Frozen and sunk in water?
It was possible to live forever
All I can is to remember the simple phrase
The longest night will have an end

Lyrics retrieved from this Artist Facebook. Song and Lyrics by Euchaeta


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