Scores are the points earned after completing songs.
The score shown in the song selection menu is the highest score players have received to date and will be changed to a higher score if they ever get one.
The result screen (shown to the right) displays the overall performance of the player and the player's accuracy for the song.

  • Accuracy

Hitting a note at different times will result in different accuracy ratings, which can be indicated by the color and size of a diamond-shaped ring bursting out around the note. Accuracy ratings affect the player's score depending on the ratings gotten by the player.


Hitting a note with "Max Perfect" rating

There are four accuracy ratings:

Rating Ring color Ring size
Max Perfect
Miss None None

  • Rank

The rank is the grade of your score.

Score Rank Note Image
950,000 - 1,000,000
or receive a title
S Excellent grade, results from very high combos and hitting primary "Max Perfect" and "Perfect" ratings on notes RankS
880,000 - 949,999 A Very good grade, results from high combos and only some mistakes (getting "Ok" and "Miss" ratings, etc.) RankA
780,000 - 879,999 B Fine grade, results from decent combos and several mistakes RankB
0 - 779,999 C Poor grade, results from weak combos and multiple mistakes RankC

  • Title

If the player achieves a certain criteria after completing a song, he/she will receive a title for the song corresponding to said criteria.

Title Criteria Image
Full Combo Get no "Miss" rating throughout a song FC
All Perfect Get only "Max Perfect" or "Perfect" rating throughout a song AP

The combo counter can also help the player to determine whether he/she is having enough condition to receive a title by the end of a song.

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