As most other wikias alike, this wikia has its own set of rules, that if broken can create certain consequences.


  • Usage of profanities, insults to anyone based on race, religion, or anything deemed offensive, spam, in any language or form.
  • Absolutely unnecessary editing which include wiping out an entire page and spamming nonsense on a page.
  • Creating unnecessary pages or blogs that may offend others.
  • Links that lead to pornography or screamer sites.
  • Harsh NSFW content posting.

Consequence: Harsh warning, subsequent rule breaking will lead to a long term ban.


  • Creating close but not equal to VOEZ content pages or blogs that are not needed in the wikia.
  • Light NSFW content posting.
  • Links that lead to unnecessary advertising.

Consequence: Warning, subsequent rule breaking may lead to a short term ban.


  • Adding wrong videos to song pages.
  • Adding useless info or trivia to pages.

Consequence: Light warning.

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