Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 2 190
Hard 12 467
Special 13 664
Length 2:31
BPM 136


Revival - TQ☆02:39

Revival - TQ☆


  • This song was released for a limited time during the Closed BETA, on 7 April 2016, 12PM to 1PM (UTC).


  • This song is also used in another Rayark rhythm game, Deemo.
  • The special difficulty was originally a level 14 in Closed Beta but it was changed to level 13 in the Final release.

Helpful InfoEdit

Reign's QuickRun:
-This song is full of drags, which tests your coordination. Do pay attention to the 6 tracks of drags.
-Afterwards, keep your cool, as the upcoming swipes may hinder your AP or FC.
— ReignOM

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