The notes are the main subject of VOEZ. Notes are represented as diamonds. They follow a song's beat through tapping, holding, sliding or swiping them when the notes touch the bottom of the lines. They are the basis of determining the score.

There are four types of notes:

  • Tap Notes

These are the most simple notes. Just tap the note as it reaches the bottom of the line then it will break away and disappear.

  • Hold Notes

These notes have to be held down until the note reaches the end. Tap the note when it reaches the bottom of the line and hold your finger until the note breaks away. Hold notes with multiple little bars indicate that your finger must also move within that direction.

  • Slide Notes

When your finger touches these notes, they will break away instantly when it reaches the bottom of the line. Drag your finger when there are multiple notes. No matter your accuracy, hitting a slide note will always grant a "Max Perfect" rating.

  • Swipe Notes

These are notes that have to be swiped when in contact with the line. Once it reaches the bottom of the line, swipe left or right according the to arrow of the note. If you swipe to the wrong way, it will count as a miss no matter your accuracy.