Gender Male
Birthday March 6th
Sign Pisces
Position No info

Nan is a bird that has made some appearances in VOEZ. The species of birds that Nan is associated with is quite common in Lan Kong Town.

Description Edit

The little bird that always appears on Chelsea's bag is an actual animal whose name is Nan, but due to his constant chirping he quickly earned the nickname Chuchu. Nan loves to fly near and far, so you can spot him in Lan Kong Town, Capital City, or basically anywhere possible. Besides traveling around Nan also loves to think, often perching himself upon telephone poles or shop signs, engaging in heated debate with other sparrows using Chuchu language. The significant difference Nan has from other sparrows is the diamond shaped patch on his body, which seems to be even more eye catching whenever he's excited. Rumor says he triggered a mysterious event in the past which had major impact, but the truth is only known by the boss lady of VOEZ Cafe. His favorite foods are beetle bugs and rice grains, and he met Chelsea while eating scattered bread crumbs near He Sheng Bakery.

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Trivia Edit

  • Nan's design is based on a sparrow, specifically the Eurasian tree sparrow.
  • In VOEZ, Nan also appears as "keys", which are used to get songs.