Occasionally, events will hosted to let players try out songs for free for a limited time (usually 1 hour). These events regularly happen on Saturday and Sunday, but can happen on other dates if there are special occasions.

The following tables list all the events that have happened or are going to happen.

Limited Free Song listEdit

All times are given at GMT+8

June 2016Edit

Date Event Time Song(s)
4 Jun Celebration of Release 9-10pm Eastern Horoscope
5 Jun Wilt
9 Jun Celebration of Dragon Boat Festival[1] 9-10pm Warp Drive
10 Jun Infinite Wonderland
11 Jun Weekend Free Song 8-9pm Shamisen Drives The Wind
Infinite Wonderland
18 Jun Weekend Free Song 8-9pm Second Breath
19 Jun Go or Stay
25 Jun Weekend Free Song 8-9pm Time Phase Pt.1
Beyond the Horizon

July 2016Edit

Date Event Time Song(s)
2 Jul Weekend Free Song 8-9pm Keep You Safe
3 Jul Extreme Attack
9 Jul Weekend Free Song 8-9pm Ancient Rose
10 Jul CitanLu
16 Jul Weekend Free Song 8-9pm Warp Drive
17 Jul 双龍飛閃-Dual Dragoon-
23 Jul Weekend Free Song 8-9pm Soul in Call
24 Jul Flame Dark
30 Jul Weekend Free Song 8-9pm PrayStation
31 Jul Aquarius

August 2016Edit

Date Event Time Song(s)
6 Aug Weekend Free Song 8-9pm ARCANA
7 Aug Revival
13 Aug Weekend Free Song 8-9pm Dynamo
14 Aug Kimi to mita sora no uta
17 Aug Oceanic VOEZ Festival 8-9 pm Ruination
20 Aug Like Asian Spirit
24 Aug Imperium
27 Aug Vieille Ville
31 Aug 8-9 pm Shamisen Drives The Wind

September 2016Edit

Date Event Time Song(s)
21 Sep VOEZ Carnival 8-9pm Beat it Beep
双龍飛閃-Dual Dragoon-
24 Sep VOEZ Carnival 8-9 pm Aquamarine

October 2016Edit

Date Event Time Song(s)
1 Oct VOEZ Carnival 8-9pm The Longest Night
Vieille Ville

Note: There were no limited free songs in November,

December 2016Edit

Date Event Time Song(s)
2 Dec Limited Free Songs 8-9pm Durandal -Magical Freezing-
3 Dec Ready For The Fight
7 Dec Limited Free Songs 8-9pm DainsleiF
9 Dec Emotion In Motion
10 Dec Overclock
14 Dec Limited Free Songs 8-9 pm Tsuioku
16 Dec Something Spicy
17 Dec -tokashite-
21 Dec VOEZ Xmas Party 8-9pm The Longest Night
Sonic Stream
23 Dec 8-9pm Gigantic Saga
Time Traveller
24 Dec 8-9pm Matsurizuki
Re:sound, From the Full moon World.
25 Dec 8-9pm ELECTRiCiTY
28 Dec 8-9pm Sky-HIGH
30 Dec 8-9pm MadteK
Ultimate Weapon pt.2
31 Dec 8-9pm Tipsy Dessert
Popotnik ~ The Traveller of Ljubljana

January 2017Edit

Date Event Time Song(s)
1 Jan VOEZ Xmas Party 8-9pm PheneX
White Dwarf Stars
25-26 Jan Weekend Free Song 8pm-8pm Owari to Hajimari no Oto

Ad SongsEdit

Starting in version 1.0.7, VOEZ has allowed players to play certain songs after watching ads. The selection of songs is generally much more diverse and changes about every 4-5 days.

Available Songs
Ouroboros ~Infinite Circulation~ Toys Etude ARCANA

Previous SongsEdit

Date Available Songs
Dec 20 Yggdrasil Sprout
Dec 22 Twinkle wink BLANKET
Dec 24 Infinite Puzzle Capella
Dec 27 Ouroboros ~Infinite Circulation~ Lv.0
Dec 29 Czarte Silent Voice
Dec 31 Highlander Crystal Cradle
Jan 03 To next page SupaMax
Jan 05 Hop Step Adventure☆ Scherzo
Jan 10 PUPA Event Horizon PRETTY DOG
Jan 13 CitanLu Imperium Aquarius
Jan 17 Like Asian Spirit Rainbow adventure Revival
Jan 24 Beyond the Horizon Toys Etude Ouroboros ~Infinite Circulation~
Jan 28 ARCANA Durandal -Magical Freezing- Flame Dark
Jan 31 BLANKET Ready For The Fight Twinkle wink
Feb 10 Overclock Silent Voice Highlander
Feb 17 To next page Hop Step Adventure☆ Something Spicy
Feb 21 FUSE Akari Ruination
Mar 03 PRETTY DOG Event Horizon Wilt
Mar 10 Revival Dynamo Rainbow adventure
Mar 14 Scherzo 双龍飛閃-Dual Dragoon- Beyond the Horizon


  1. Chinese version only

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