Like Asian Spirit

Like Asian Spirit
Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 4 224
Hard 12 505
Special 16 874
Length 2:09
BPM 143


Like Asian Spirit - Valunava02:16

Like Asian Spirit - Valunava


  • Mandoras can be seen on the street and on the bag of the girl.
  • This song is also featured in Deemo.

Helpful InfoEdit

It's a really good song with a very fun chart! Oh and... Hi, Mandora... VOEZ too now?
— Kht48
Wow, the song is nice. But I'm curious, why their faces are continents. It's weird. For me, I think that the girl's face is Asia, the largest continent, and the boy's face is Europe. It makes me think that the girl is Asian while the boy is European. Hey, don't think I'm racist here!
— Zachary Llanos

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