Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 7 231
Hard 11 463
Special 15 689
Length 2:12
BPM 168


CitanLu - Ice02:20

CitanLu - Ice

-VOEZ- Ice - citanLu (Full Version) - (Album- Shota Paradise)04:43

-VOEZ- Ice - citanLu (Full Version) - (Album- Shota Paradise)


  • This song is related to Chapter L from Cytus. The boy in the cover art is Meteo, the main character of the chapter's story.

Helpful InfoEdit

Reign's QuickRun:
  • Easy, standard, until the middle section. A moving track of one lane drag shifting from left to right with taps and holds everywhere. My advice is to switch your thumb/fingers in between shifts of the lane.
  • Next hard part is the finale. Long drags stretching from side to side, make sure you hit every single one, and also don't forget the taps.
— ReignOM

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