• Sep 01 - Cram Studying
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Diary... Why is math so hard? I listened to Qian Qian and Jessy all afternoon, but I still don't get it. Their brains must be from a different planet - how else can they understand what the teacher's going on about? I'm content with just making bread. I don't have to worry about what this and that equal or what some calculus function is for. When will I ever use that stuff? Ugh!

Wait a second... Why is Qian Qian getting Jessy to teach me math? They're in neighboring classes, but I've never seen them together like this before. I wonder... could that be why Jessy buys so much dessert every time? Because he shares it with Qian Qian? OMG!!! Are they going out?! If they are, how come Qian Qian didn't tell me? Some friend she is... I've gotta tell Yuko about this tomorrow. I can't believe Qian Qian didn't tell me! So sneaky...

Oh yeah, is René away sick this week? Tomorrow I'll ask the teacher where he lives and take him my notes. Otherwise, he won't be able to keep up. Heehee. I'm such a good class monitor, always looking after students. Anyway, time for bed. Good night, Diary.

  • Sep 09 - Dessert Maniac
Unlock requirements: Get an All Perfect on 5 songs on Special difficulty
Roll call! Roll call! Roll call! Yuko's Twitter followers, it's time for another roll call!!! In a moment tell Yuko what your favorite dessert is in the comments ( ˘●ω●˘ ).oOஇ

Actually Yuko wanted to buy some Mont Blanc today. Chelsea makes the best Mont Blanc in Lan Kong Town (ㅍ__ㅍ)✧

But... but... they were completely sold out (´゜Д゜`)

Yuko was heartbroken (´ ●̥ω●̥ `)

I wanted some Mont Blanc... That sweet chestnut filling, scrumptious white icing and... that whole chestnut on top. Shut up and take my money! ( Φ ω Φ )

Tomorrow I've got to get there before that guy. I've arranged it with Chelsea, I shall have my Mont Blanc in this life or the next! \\\\٩('ω')و ////
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  • Sep 12 - Troubled Thoughts
Unlock requirements: Full combo 5 songs on Hard.
Next time, Yuko will not lose to you!
What are you talking about...
Next time, Yuko will...will buy Chelsea's Mont Blanc!

  • Sep 14 - TV News
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 33,990,000.
Hey Rene, you watching the TV?
How'd you know......
That conductor Mr. he's amazing
Is he a relative of yours?
You both seem so similar!
Don't know him.

  • Sep 15 - Moon Festival
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 35,140,000.
The early bird catches the worm!
If you keep eating so much you'll get fat,
then you won't be able to wear your kitchen arpon, stupid.

For the sake of your figure, I'll be eating the pudding in the fridge for you!
— Lance

  • Sep 24 - Big House
Unlock requirements: Get an All Perfect on any song in Hard.
Your sister was busy taking some things to a classmate, be a good boy and stay at home! If I'm back and I don't see you tending the shop, you're going to get a taste of my fists!

Also, stop eating my puddings!
— Chelsea

  • Sep 24 - Practice
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I had no idea Rene could play piano so well. I called before going over, but he seemed surprised. Wasn't it his mother who answered the phone? Anyway, he seemed to like the cake I took to him. It would have given him some energy at least.

I had no idea he was so passionate for music. In school, I always thought he was just a quiet student who loved to read. His ears pricked up when I mentioned Jessy and Ocean's gig at Station Plaza. I wonder if they would become friends if I introduced them?

I hope Yuko didn't tell Qian Qian and Jessy about that thing I told her the other day. If loads of people find out, Qian Qian's going to feel really embarrassed. And if she's too embarrassed to admit her feelings, she'll feel ever worse. I had no idea Jessy was like this. He always looks so cool. I would never have guessed he and Qian Qian had already...

They couldn't have... How far have they gone? I wonder, have they held hands? Or have they... they... it makes me blush just thinking about it. I'd love to know what Qian Qian sees in him. He's pretty good-looking, but he doesn't talk that much so you don't know what he's thinking

One day I'll go singing with Qian Qian and ask her about it. Yeah, that's exactly what I'll do. When the midterms are done let's invite some classmates and Qian Qian down to the karaoke bar in town. I just need to bring Yuko along and we'll definitely be able to wangle it out of her.

  • Oct 01 - Summer Night
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 37,500,000.
Stupid Chelsea:
That watermelon wasn't too bad, very sweet with lots of juice...should make a good pastry filling.
Although sister is so stupid, you're problably going to get the flavor wrong......

Thanks sis......

Ps. Thank Qian Qian sis for me
Ps. She was the one who sent us the watermelon right?
— Lance

  • Oct 05 - Street Singing
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 38,710,000.
There doesn't seem to be much of a reaction today.
  ...They're not doing anything.
I think you might be right.
But it's still discouraging.
They could clap along to the beat.
  I'm used to it.
Don't worry about them, just worry about writing more songs.
We need to get on Muzec.
Jessy, you're so cool.
That's the real spirit of a rocker's attitude.
Damn, I can't lose to you. I need to practice harder. Live the dream.
Don't give in!

  • Oct 27 - Endorsement
Unlock requirements: Get an All Perfect on an song on Special.
Is anybody going to the Digital Life Park today?
Yuko's holding an event on the second floor for everyone at Coffee-Day.
Wanna come along and join the fun? Hope to see you there!
Coffee-Day's a fantastic store, they have heaps of interesting lifestyle products. Makes life more tasteful and fun.
I'm gonna rake the roll call in a minute!
Friends of Yuko have to be there!!
(` ●ω● ´)

  • Oct 27 - Wronged
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 39,940,000.
Today... was my performance not too good?

To make Nadia worry so much, I feel I've let her down...
But today is......
I'll do better next time for sure!
Everybody please give your energy to Yuko, so Yuko can bring more laughter to everybody!
Yuko will continue to go on!

  • Oct 27 - Waiting
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 41,190,000.
A life like Yuko's is not easy. She can't even take a day off her birthday, and still has to go work in the capital. She might look happy, and she does get to wear beautiful clothes and people to help her do makeup, but I get tired just thinking about all the running around she does.

Whenever I see yuko she seems so full of energy, but she must feel tired sometimes too, right? If she makes it to today's birthday party hopefully we can give her an energy boost. The cakes Chelsea and Lance make blow me away. We're the same age, but they're so creative and talented! And they'll only get better in the future.
Compared to them I can't do anything... I'm an average student and I don't have any talent except for piano. I'm not pretty like Yuko and I don't know how to take photos or host events. I feel kind of lame.
I guess all I can really do is focus on my studies. If I can get into a good program at a public university in the capital, then at at least my parents will be happy.

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  • Oct 27 - Going Back
Unlock requirements: Get an All Perfect on 5 songs in Hard.
Thank you~ Thanks to all my friends who came today, the signs and posters you guys made were beautiful.
Thank you all so much (●´ω `●)ゞ
Please keep on supporting me~
Oh! And if you really like the clothes Yuko was wearing, you can check out the boutique in the capital!
I'm going to keep the link hidden (,,●ω●,,) Girls who are interested can look around in the comments.

  • Oct 27 - Halfway
Unlock requirements: Get an All Perfect on 5 songs in Special.
I've been waiting quite a while in the capital for Yuko.
  ...Chelsea thought you weren't coming.
I never realized Yuko worked so hard.
It's so late and she can't leave work yet.
You guys still at Voez?
  What are you doing in the city?
If I didn't go to pick her up, she wouldn't make it for sure.
But today's her birthday.
  Will you make it back in time??
I got this, everything will be alright.

  • Oct 28 - Just In Time
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 42,260,000.
Today I'd like to thank someone...
He might seem like a simpleton and often falls asleep during class, doesn't seem to know anything besides guitars.
But, to my surprise, he's actually a very caring person.
I also want to thank Qian Qian; the card you made is remarkably lovely.
And thank you Chelsea, for the cake. You never fail to amaze me. Yuko is afraid she'll eat too much and get fat!}
Thank you Jessy for acting as our MC. Your voice was charming as always.
Many thanks as well to Lance―you're the one who sculpted the icing, right?
Yuko likes it a lot!
Of course, I want to thank my father for bringing me to Lan Kong.
If he didn't, Yuko would never have met you all.
Yuko loves it here.
Let's always... celebrate birthdays together!!

  • Nov 05 - Rainy Day
Unlock requirements: Full Combo 10 songs on Easy.
What are~~you doing~~
  Preparing for the test.
The day's off tomorrow come by the capitol!
Yuko found this fabulous shop, it's really awesome.
You'll definitely like it!
What a cold person......
I'm going to tell everyone else next Monday
That Jessy turned down the invitation from this beauty!
Ah... there's a plane(^ω^)

  • Nov 09 - Nighttime
Unlock requirements: Full combo 10 songs on Hard.
Lance... your turn today, I'm afraid. Sister is going out with Qian Qian, and I'll be back late at night; remember to organize pastries that haven't been sold, and those that are about to expire to the food bank. Don't waste them~

P.S. Don't forget to tag them with "one day left".
— Chelsea

  • Nov 18 - Foolish Giggling
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 45,060,000.
Lance...... you big bully!!! why! Why! WHY did you secretly send sister's photo to Ocean!!! Then the whole class will see it......

That was just a casal shot that Yuko took for me!

P.S. Go and delete it now, delete it, delete it NOW!!!
— Chelsea

  • Nov 24 - Arranged Meeting
Unlock requirements: Full combo 7 songs on Special
Hehehe, has everybody heard about our Lan Kong High School's 7 great wonders?

Today Yuko must tell everyone about this fascinating fact!
Do you all know there are three pillars on campus?
Although we call it Three Pillars, it actually has its own name!!!
But Yuko is not going to talk about the name......

But rather the legend of the Three Pillars!

Some older students told Yuko a while ago
If you ask out your crush to meet under the Three Pillars
during the School Carnival and tell him/her about your feelings
Both of you will get into the same university and start dating each other!
Then you can be together!!!

Last time some dummy had it all planned out......
But completely forgot about it!
I wonder if they succeded or not?

  • Nov 27 - Bothered
Unlock requirements: ???
Let's go to Voez next weekend.
  Qian Qian
Ok... what am I supposed to bting?
Bring your practice tests, textbooks and lecture notes!
  Qian Qian
Got it! I'm so sorry to ask for your help again...
It's no trouble. This way I get to review the studies too.
After all, exams are coming up. We need to be fully prepared.

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