• May 03 - Street View
Unlock requirements: Score at least 700,000 on any difficulty.
Key A key is given with this entry.

  • May 05 - He Sheng Bakery
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 1,750,000.
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  • May 08 - Sneaking Off
Unlock requirements: Score at least 800,000 on Hard.
Sorry, but I got an important appointment today. Don't be mad - I can't miss this!

The pudding I bought is in the fridge. It's the kind you like. I traveled a long way to get it.

Have some, silly sister.
— Lance

  • May 09 - Fixing Cars
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 3,460,000.
Thanks for letting us use the practice room today. There's some problems with Matthew's speakers, better get a repairman to check them
  Qian Qian
Ugh... Sorry. I'll tell my boss about it tomorrow.
Sorry you were stuck with bad equipment.
Not at all. We're just happy to have a place to practice. Thanks again.
  Qian Qian
But I should tell the boss if some of the equipment isn't functioning properly...
  Qian Qian
"Jessy, are you busy? I... I still don't understand the functions you helped me with last week. I need a bit more help..."
When? Where?

  • May 13 - Ocean Breeze Music
Unlock requirements: Score at least 800,000 on Special.
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  • May 14 - Working
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 4,740,000.
Oh Auntie, why did she have to mention Jessy?

It's true that Jessy hasn't come by the shop for a while. Maybe he's studying for the test?

But... it's been really hectic lately, between midterms and working here. I haven't practiced the piano in ages. I wish I could practice every day like I used to. There should be some free time after the test, right?

Oh yeah. Don't forget to confirm the teaching lessons with Mrs. Chan. Might as well give an early notice that my work schedule has changed.

Somebody in class mentioned the Three Pillars again today. It seems like this legend really works its magic... but, but... how do I tell him, If I ask to meet him at the Three Pillars, he'll know what's up, won't he?

P.S. I didn't really understand the math functions Chelsea asked me about last time. I should ask Jessy to show me again, and maybe Chelsea could listen too? Will he mind? ...I can treat him to a meal afterwards as a thank you.

  • May 18 - VOEZ café
Unlock requirements: Play 5 songs.

  • May 20 - Going to School
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 6,790,000.
What kind of booth is your class doing for the fair?
I don't know, I wasn't listening.
I have no idea what kind of booth we're going for either, since I was asleep.
Don't be late to practice tomorrow. Second floor of Ocean Breeze.
Got it, see you tomorrow.
Muzec―have you heard from them yet?

  • May 24 - Class Meeting
Unlock requirements: Score at least 900,000 on Easy.
The kids in Chelsea's class are always so enthusiastic. How can the be discussing the school fair when midterms are coming up? I think their booth will be fun - I'll definitely have to pay a visit.

Speaking about that, I'm a bit envious... which other class just randomly decides to run a whack-a-mole game for their booth like we did? There wasn't even a discussion. I guess the teacher and class monitor must have decided it between themselves.

Ah well... no use worrying about it. I need to focus on studying more so I can ace these midterms, otherwise my chances of being recommended by the local university with be gone.

If I have to do to a private university in the capital, it'll surely be a financial burden on my parents. And if that happens, he'll be at a different school...

There were some new math functions I didn't really get last week, I'll probably ask Jessy for help some other time. The teacher signed him up for this year's talent show without even asking. I wonder if he'll be annoyed? He must be sick of being nominated whenever one of these competitions pop up.

P.S. I wonder if the story Yuko told me about the Three Pillars is true or not? On the night of the fair if we both... then maybe we'll get into the same university? If... if it is, should I... how do I... bring it up? I'll ask Yuko about it tomorrow, she's the only one I can ask.

  • May 24 - Determination
Unlock requirements: Play 10 songs.
Everyone, Yuko's class has finally decided what kind of booth we're going to do for the fair!
ヾ(●´▽ `●)ノ
It's going to be so much fun! Make sure you come along and cheer us on!

"Yuko will help out at the booth too, see you all then! (*゜∀゜*)
Today's class meeting was a near disaster, our classmates are oh so enthusiastic

Seeing Chelsea so nervous worries Yuko...
Thankfully everyone cooperated, otherwise things might not have gone well.

Want to know what kind of booth Yuko's class is going to have (*´⋅ Д⋅)?

I'm not telling yet (#')3')▂▂▅█ It's a secret!

(✪ ω ✪)(✪ ω ✪)(✪ ω ✪)
— Lan Kong High School Fair

06/25 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

  • May 28 - Childish Innocence
Unlock requirements: Score at least 900,000 on Hard.
I didn't...hurt you today, did I?
  Qian Qian
Nah... you couldn't.
It's a hammer made from balloons, not to mention I had a blast!
I haven't felt this relaxed in ages. It was great!
I haven't felt this relaxed in a while either. Thank you.
  Qian Qian
Jessy, on the day of the fair... you...
After your shift...
Are you... doing anything?
I have to do the talent show.
What's up?
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  • Jun 01 - Don't Give In.
Unlock requirements: Play 25 songs.
Time for roll call again! The day after tomorrow... we're having the School Fair at Yuko's school (✪ ω ✪)(✪ ω ✪)
Yuko's twitter followers have been waiting ages for this too, right?

This booth was made possible by the hard work of Yuko and her classmates (゜ω´)

Yuko didn't know some students had hidden talents, such as painting or even creating signs...

So come on everybody and join the fun!!

Also, this is for the whole class. Keep at it everyone, hopefully the day after tomorrow we'll be a big success... because 2.2 is the best class ever! ( ≧ ∀ ≦ )ゞ

Well then, Yuko will see everyone at the fair!
— Lan Kong High School Fair

06/25 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

  • Jun 03 - School Fair
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 10,500,000

  • Jun 25 - Mother Mole
Unlock requirements: Score at least 900,000 on Special.
Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

Qian Qian you idiot... You clearly arranged to meet Jessy at the Three Pillars... What are you doing hiding back here? It took all your courage to ask him if he had time. Yuko's going to make fun of me tomorrow, how could I be so stupid? ...I should just go straight up and talk to him, shouldn't I?

Now what? What am I going to say to Jessy at school tomorrow? How am I going to tell I didn't go to the pillars? Of course I was actually there, just hiding behind a tree because I was too scared to talk to him...

What am I going to do? ...I've never been in this kind of situation before.

Maybe... maybe I should call Yuko?

But it's very late, I wonder if it's okay to call her now? The biggest issue is how I'm going to face Jessy tomorrow morning... No, wait, there's still the second midterm exam results coming out too. What am I going to do?! My thoughts are all messed up, Qian Qian you idiot...

Whatever happens, we'll still pass each other tomorrow...

I hope he's not too angry.

  • Jun 25 - Café
Unlock requirements: Play for 3 days in a row.
My legs are killing me... ヽ(゜´Д`)ノ゜。。ヽ(゜´Д`)ノ゜。

I'm totally worn out today. I had to march back and forth all day wearing leather shoes.

Don't you think Yuko's maid look was fabulous?! Everyone who was there must have seen it (´///☁///`)

Actually... Yuko really likes this outfit

Still... I'm a bit worried about that guy (˘·ɜ·)

Did their date work out? If it didn't, how are they going to face seeing each other at school every day?

Um... I'm so worried...˛˛٩(ŏ﹏ŏ、)۶

I should call her in a bit.

Oh yeah, I want to thank everyone who came out to see Yuko today.

If there's something not to your liking, I hope you'll forgive me (*´ ∀`)~♥

  • Jun 25 - Obsession
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 13,060,000.
Stupid Chelsea,

The batter for the pancakes were too diluted, remember to add more flour next time. Is the reason we're using vanilla extract for the custard sauce because we couldn't find any vanilla pods?

But then again, most customers won't be able to tell the difference. As long as there's enough sugar on it most people will think it's good.

Oh yeah, Stupid Chelsea—did you guys take pictures today?
— Lance

  • Jun 25 - Don't Be Nervous
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 13,750,000.
Diary, Diary, Diary. I was so nervous—really, terribly nervous. I had no idea what it would feel like to be standing on stage. My palms were sweaty and my legs wouldn't stop shaking.

I'm very grateful for Ocean. If he hadn't encouraged me so "enthusiastically", I don't think I would have been able to calm down. But the way he shouts can actually make you feel shyer. Seriously, who shouts like that? ...Next time I'll bake him a cake.

I also want to thank René for stepping in on such short notice. René was incredible. I've never heard that song he played before, but it sounded amazing... so good it gave me goosebumps. I should make him a cake too to thank him properly.

The competition was so nerve wrecking, so many other students were absolutely astounding. The key that 2nd-year student sang in was incredibly high, he could probably sign a record deal tomorrow. Oh and there was that guy from Class 5 or 6 who had a really unique-sounding voice.

The fair really took it out on me... But Diary, I really want to thank everyone for their help. My classmates were all amazing. We set up the venue together, and prepared all the food ourselves! Yuko even dressed up in a cute maid's costume to help out. It was hard work, but it was an unforgettable experience...

How time files. Before we know it, in the blink of an eye we'll be sophomores. And after the exams next year we'll all be off to different colleges. This is our last big school event... It won't be easy to see each other after this, will it? If Yuko and Qian Qian leave town, it'll be just me I guess. If that happens... I'll be very lonely...

Diary, Diary, what am I gonna do if they leave the town?

  • Jun 25 - Auditorium
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 14,460,000.

Key A Key is given with this entry.

  • Jun 25 - Piano Performance
Unlock requirements: Full combo any song on Easy.
Qian Qian
Today's performance was spectacular!
I've never seen you and Ocean so happy.
The guy on the piano was really skillful.
Qian Qian
He's in Chelsea's class, right?
He's usually pretty quiet.
I had no idea he played piano so well
Right. So, about this afternoon...
Why didn't you come?

  • Jun 25 - Improv
Unlock requirements: Full combo 3 songs on Easy.
Jessy, your improv was superb today.
As for me, I'm still playing the guitar.
Do you know that guy?
I think he's in our class. He's standing in.
He doesn't talk much normally.
I barely know anything about him.
His performance gave me some ideas.
I don't know, maybe I could try to write like that.
I want to compose as well.
Today was undeniably exciting!

  • Jun 23 - Heavy Rain
Unlock requirements: Get an All Perfect on Easy.

  • June 25 - Replication
Unlock requirements: Play for 5 days in a row.
Busy? (´◉౪◉`)
Thinking of a new song.
You should come into the city tomorrow.
There's a store I think you will like.
Plus I already made reservations at the restaurant.
It wasn't easy.
It's very hard to book.
An extremely popular restaurant.
Hard to get into.
So you have to come.
Am I clear?
See you at 11 AM at West Gate Station Exit 6.

  • Jun 26 - The Invitation
Unlock requirements: Have a total score of at least 19,140,000.
Yes... Yuko is upset.

This guy's a bit stubborn.

No matter how you put it, nobody is saying anything...

I'm dying to know what happened that day...

Neither of them will talk to me about it, which makes me even more concerned ┐(´Д`)┌

Still... We did have a nice encounter today in the city (,,・ω・,,)

When Yuko and that guy were going for a walk after their meal, I was spotted by a Fashion Today Photographer ヽ(✿゜▽ ゜)ノ

He took loads of photos and! And! AND!

I'll be in the next issue of the magazine!

But let me say one thing first

I am NOT his girlfriend!

He is SO not Yuko's type! σ`∀´)σ

  • Jun 28 - Midsummer
Unlock requirements: Get an All Perfect on 3 songs on Easy.
Lance, you'd better stay at the store this morning. No sneaking out again, got it? Also take my dough out of the fridge to defrost, it needs to ferment a second time.
Thank you!
— Chelsea
I'm ignoring you.

P.S. I already took the dough out beforehand. Bye!
— Lance

  • Jun 28 - Chance Encounter
Unlock requirements: Play for 7 days in a row.



Brown Sugar


P.S. Lance, don't eat the fruit I put in the fridge, it's for the pastry fillings. Got it?
— Chelsea

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