Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon
Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 5 306
Hard 12 607
Special 16 897
Length 2:20
BPM 175


Beyond the Horizon - 3R202:28

Beyond the Horizon - 3R2

VOEZ Beyond the Horizon - 3R2 (Full Version)07:03

VOEZ Beyond the Horizon - 3R2 (Full Version)

VOEZ 3R2 - Beyond the Horizon (VIP)05:45

VOEZ 3R2 - Beyond the Horizon (VIP)


  • This song was released for a limited time during the Closed BETA, on 10 April 2016, 5AM to 6AM (UTC).
  • All difficulties of this song contain no hold notes.
  • The artist of this song have composed for other rhythm games, Cytus and Deemo.
  • Certain aspects of this song can be heard in 3R2's earlier songs, most notably Colorful Skies, Sweetness and Love, and Angelic Sphere.
  • The special difficulties combo was 894 in Closed BETA, but the combo increased to 897 in the Final.

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