Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 1 99
Hard 9 291
Special 13 440
Length 2:11
BPM 180


Aquarius - CC'n'A02:19

Aquarius - CC'n'A


  • This song was used in the VOEZ teaser trailer.
  • Aquarius (♒) is the second star sign in the zodiac chart and the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac where the sign itself is a water bearer like the artwork.
  • This song that has the biggest level gap between Easy and Hard, which is 8, being Easy Lv1 and Hard Lv9.

Helpful InfoEdit

Reign's QuickRun:
-Everything in the front portion is pretty simple to handle. The struggle comes in the drags and taps in the second half. Pay attention to the drags and don't overlap the taps yourself.
— ReignOM

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