sound pulse

Difficulty Level Max Combo
Easy 3 146
Hard 9 446
Special 14 695
Length 2:46
BPM 201


【VOEZ】 -tokashite- - sound pulse 【音源】

【VOEZ】 -tokashite- - sound pulse 【音源】


In a perfect circle cage
I am making a leap of faith 
Eat their lives up 
My sweet distorted cobalt vortex 
Enlightenment error - and humanity goes away sleeping ellipsoidal heart 
you cannot ever see my weeping...
It's no consequence

For me 
For you
There's no escape

Already dead
Don't think 
It's gonna be a fatal sorrow

get out...
To the 1495

get out...
Two of us
for now

溶かして -tokashite-

"don't think"
I told you so
Cried out in the fire 
The eyes that i used to love 
Now it's nothing but a prey

Deadly wind goes on
When i found a broken ring
I will try to smile 
Darling, never forgive me

get out...
It's great lovely farewell

get out...
Never fall apart

溶かして -tokashite-

get out...
I know 
It's just my fault
get out...

溶かして -tokashite-

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Trivia Edit

  • "Tokashite"(溶かして) is a Japanese word, meaning "dissolve"